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A Framework for Teamwork

“If the work that anyone has built on the foundation survives, he will receive a reward.”

1 Corinthians 3:14

            One ought once more recognize Paul’s focus placed on Jesus Christ with integrity and simplicity. As a building cannot stand against the forces of nature, which oppose it, so a person cannot stand to persevere against the temptation to sin and the persecution of the wicked if not built on the solid and sure foundation that is Jesus Christ, who lived the life we could not live, died the death we deserved to die, defeated the enemy we could not defeat, and rose in victory to give life to those who believe. Christ is the only foundation that his Church is to be built on, and we are the builders! As you present an integrity-filled simple gospel in the world your laboring will serve to build the church on the foundation of Christ.

Paul serves us well in this text by providing a framework for teamwork in gospel ministry. As you share Christ with your homeowner and their neighbors, it is important that Christ is the foundation upon which you build regardless of what method you select. This will lead to there being potency in your ministry as a crew. As Christ is made to be the focal point of every member in presentation, the community will hear the clarity of conviction behind the message. When we work against the foundation of Christ in gospel ministry, while others work for it, we can easily become like one’s who scatter and confuse the Church instead of being builders of the church. Therefore, consider it of paramount importance that you hold one another to focus regarding Christ in ministry. To do otherwise will certainly mean a lack of integrity and simplicity in presentation.

We emphasize Christ as our foundation when He alone is set forward as the only means to have righteousness, redemption, sanctification, wisdom, satisfaction, and cleansing. It may be appropriate to ask, what will be your foundation if not Christ? What stones will you substitute him with? Where can you find one like Him? He alone is sufficient for abundant life in the world and eternal life in glory! As you minister to your community, whether through prayer, evangelism, service, or encouragement, ensure that you are truly building on the rock that is Christ.

Beware; your work, whether faithful or fraudulent, will be brought to light one day. Those who build on a foundation that is not Christ will see their masterpiece burned up like wood, hay, and stubble. Those, however, that build on Christ will see the masterpiece eternally secure and established in glory. If you want the ministry of your crew to have real authentic impact, then you must build on Christ. Glory will reveal the result of your laboring.

Questions to Ask

  1. In what ways are tempted to settle for a foundation other than Christ?
  2. How can we hold each other accountable to build only on Christ?

-Taylor Hartley

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