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Humility Reveals Maturity

So neither he who plants nor he who waters is anything, but only God who gives the growth.” – 1 Corinthians 3:7

An integrity-filled, simple, Spirit backed gospel message will move heaven and earth to deliver those who will believe into the Kingdom of God. Hit the pause button and let that sink in… God cannot and will not fail to save those who He has called. We are given the privilege to participate with him in this mission! Even now, while serving on CareWeek 17, we are ambassadors for the Lord of glory, who takes our integrity-filled simple presentation of the gospel and backs it through and through with the Spirit in order to accomplish his purpose in the world!

It appears that the church in Corinth dwelt in a state of immaturity revealed by their willingness to give credit for the things that God had accomplished amongst them to mere mortal men. The church was forming alliances between Paul and Apollos by considering themselves followers of either one or other rather than of Christ. Paul rebukes them as immature by comparing them to infants that need milk because in their pride they refuse to put childish things like jealousy and strife behind them.

Beware; as you participate in such a grand assignment, which we know cannot fail, there will be temptation to become conceited and prideful. Pride settles in when we take credit for the work of the ministry. In the face of pride, we must be reminded that we don’t save people. We cannot glorify Christ in the hearts of men.

You are a servant, not a master – an instrument; not the hand; and in short a person; not God. Even your laboring to share the gospel with integrity and simplicity is not proficient to save unless the Lord backs it with the Spirit. God provides the power to save. Therefore, do not be so foolish to attribute to man what is the work of God. Lest you be tempted to attribute credit to a preacher, pastor, crew chief, friend, or yourself, remember that the Lord of the harvest makes the harvest itself prosperous.

There is sweet joy in humbly accepting the role of servant in the Kingdom of God. The opposite is equally true; there is dreadful frustrating in assuming yourself to have the role of master. As you minister week, do so believing that God is going to work powerfully through you and your comrades. As you witness His hand moving amongst you, be quick to give glory to God for He alone is great and worthy to be praised!

Questions to Ask

  1. Why are we so tempted to steal credit from God and give it to men?
  2. How have you witnessed pride working in your own life as it relates to gospel ministry?


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