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Category: the gospel

Spirit Backed

The Spirit of God reveals the truth (gospel) of the glory (infinitely valuable beauty) of God to the eyes of the heart. Imagine the Spirit as being the one who draws the curtain open at a Broadway performance. His role in revelation is to pull back the curtain in order for the spectator to have the opportunity to see the gospel for what it is.

Christ Crucified

So one must ask, what are the basic components to an integrity-filled simple gospel presentation? I would suggest the following answer: Jesus Christ, God’s beloved Son lived the life that we could not live (perfection), died the death we deserved to die (sin-bearing substitute), defeated the enemy we could not defeat (sin), and rose from the dead in victory to save those who believe. All that is necessary to be made right with God is found in the person and the work of the Lord, Jesus Christ!